Friday, December 28, 2012

Attention: Dear Customer, Your Unclaimed ATM CARD

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Attention: Dear Customer,

This is instructions by our new President Good Luck Jonathan to delivery your unclaimed fund to you by ATM CARD and it will come through (DHL) if you are still talking with any one about your unclaimed fund you are advised to stop right now because your fund has being issued by ATM VISA CARD and its deposited with (DHL) Courier Company Ltd now.

You are advice to send only (DHL) delivery charges and that is all no more insurance and no more custom clearance again once you paid only (DHL) delivery fee which is $98 we will send out your ATM parcel and email you the tracking number.

If you want to see a proof then type and then track this number (1747846763) (1747846170) (1747846660) (1747847113)and see that this one has being successful delivery to the receiver you are advise to send your delivery charges today through Money Gram or Western Union to this information below and once its received your ATM card will be sent out and the tracking number will be given to you for picking up your package.
Send delivery charges amount $98 to this name and address below and you are rest assured to receive your ATM CARD successfully like every other people.

Receivers name----- EMEKA ANI.
Country--------------Lagos Nigeria
Text Question ------WHEN
Text Answer -------2012
Be inform that if you send your delivery charges today you will receive your tracking number in less than 45 minutes.

Best Regards.
DHL Private Call Number:+2347082897641
Email: ( 

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