Thursday, June 14, 2018

Stand As A Next Of Kin

from:Abdullah Bin Nasser
reply-to:Abdullah Bin Nasser <>

Hello Dear,

How are you and your family today?

I want you read the piece below very carefully to understand why I wrote
you in the first place. I have also enclosed my pictures with some of
the personalities in the world that you might know to know my status
here in Qatar.
I want you to know that this mail is not a spam mail at all.

Qatar is one of the safest countries in the world. Nationals and
expatriates in Qatar enjoy comfortable lives here.

I  wish to inform you with deep heart of the death of your relation
here in Qatar .
 He has lived in Qatar for 20years but he is from your region.
We did contact your embassy here for information and they don't have
any relation to contact hence my contacting you.

The autopsy report had just been released by the office of the internal affairs.
He died as a result of a head injury after he slipped in his bathroom.

He has no wife and children here we can contact hence my writing you
this letter.
He was a business man and an investor here before he died.
He bears the same surname with you and I believe he is a relation of
yours. I saw your name and email in one of his record books. He has
bank accounts with Fidelity Investment inc and he has no will. I have
some classified information on this claim and that is the reason why I
am contacting you.

This is a very serious information and you must treat this very urgent.

I hope to hear from you soon


Abdullah Bin Nasser
Minister of Interior
Kingdom of Qatar

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