Thursday, June 14, 2018

Notice From Lawyer



My name is Lee Hamer, a British and an attorney. We are
private solicitors to Mr. Dmitry Zakharchenko, the head of the
Anti-Corruption Board in Russia. You can read the link below to
have full knowledge of the man.

He had entrusted in our care some documents of funds which he
deposited with a private vault here in Europe and in Bahamas,
before the episode as expressed in the link. His wife has given
us instructions to look for an investor that could handle any of
this deposit on behalf of the family. I will reveal details of
this testament as soon as we agreed to deal on this transaction.
If you agree to this request and you have the capacity to handle
this funds, you will be charge with the responsibility of
receiving the funds with the deposit document which I will
present to you and also welcome and negotiate a reasonable % to
you too.

The total amount in deposit is much and I will give details as
soon as I hear from you

Please keep confidential.
Lee Hamer.

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