Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Dear Sir,

from:Mr. Robert Williams robert898998@dion.ne.jp

Dear Sir,

I am Mr. Robert Williams a banker in the foreign exchange remittance department of Zenith Bank Nigeria Plc and would want you to protect my identity irrespective of your position after going through this proposal that I am about to make to you.

One of our customers who (is a foreign national) was killed in one of the terror/kidnap incidence in Nigeria. He has a deposit of Twenty Million United States
Dollars (USD $20,000,000.00) in his foreign exchange domiciliary account with our Bank, Zenith Bank Plc. Every effort to trace his next of KIN has been unsuccessful. The immigration, Embassy and his last place of consultancy job were all involved to trace his family two years after to no avail. The law here is clear on forfeiture to the government after such extensive search, publications and notices. I also served as the Secretary of the committee that looked into the case and the recommendation favors the forfeiture if there is no claim to this fortune from the next of kin in the next 1- 6 months.

I consulted an attorney/Lawyer to see how we can legally help ourselves with this fund instead

of a permanent forfeiture to the government. It is the advice of the Lawyer that I am relying on to source/ search  for a reliable and trust worthy foreigner that we can position as the next of kin in order to make the claim; that is the reason that this proposal is made to you.

You obviously do not need to visit Nigeria unless you decide to for this transaction to become successful. Yours is to prove your capability and integrity and convince us that you will protect our own interest after transferring the money to your nominated account . A handsome commission that is not less than 30% (that is also negotiable) awaits you on your acceptance. Should this interest you kindly reply . Thank you in anticipation as I look forward to your cooperation and friendship.

Yours Sincerely,
Mr. Robert Williams
Zenith Bank Plc

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