Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Urgent Reply

from:Mr.JOHN DOUGLAS "www."@bird.ocn.ne.jp
reply-to:"Mr.JOHN DOUGLAS" <uba.ban8@hotmail.com>

My Dear Friend:

I have been waiting for you since to hear from you about your fund of ($3.7Million usd) but i didn’t heard from you I’m here to inform you that I later find out that your fund has been delivered by courier company due to the amount is large and is very big risk to deliver that such amount through courier company since it dosen’t have necessary certificate and i trying since to contact you via your phone which i fail many times.

Your country airport Custom will demand for Clearance Certificate and many other certificate as system of delivering in your country,i check the file of your bank draft and it will be very difficult to deliver it without backing it up with the necessary certificate, And i will not like any condition by which your fund will be on hold by any custom or any security as you know the amount in the bank draft .

I make an solid arrangement with Director of UBA BANK BENIN REPUBLIC FOR WIRE TRANSFER OR ONLINE BANKING OF THIS FUND INTO YOUR ACCOUNT.Now your fund was deposited in UBA BANK BENIN REPUBLIC for wire transfer,Its my pleasure to inform you that i have verify from the bank director regarding the transfer of your fund and it was good news because the requested fee was less expensive for you to afford. your consignment containing your fund ($3,7Million usd) i have deposited it with the UBA BANK BENIN. so that your fund will be wired to your account immediately you contact the bank director with your banking details.

However i went to UBA BANK BENIN. to discuss this with the bank director as its has not been delivered to you However he told me that your fund can be transfered to you via a direct wire transfer(KTT) into your account.He told me to instruct you to contact the bank to apply for a direct wire transfer into your account to avoid loosing your fund due to delay.Therefore you can contact the bank with the below information, send to them your banking information.

1.YOUR FULL NAME:==============
2.YOUR BANK DETAILS============
3.YOUR PHONE:==================
4.YOUR AGE:====================
5.YOUR COUNTRY:================
6.YOUR OCCUPATION:=============

PHONE: +229 99080225
Email: uba.ban8@hotmail.com

Send an email to the bank with the above bank email and apply for your wire transfer as i have informed the bank about you already.On receipt of your fund into your account endeavour to inform me immediately you receive your fund in your account.

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